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THE Alternative to Smoking

Nomad Vapor Vape Shop, Fredericksburg, VA-From the Highest Quality Premium E-Liquid lines to Proven State of the Art Vaping Hardware and Vape Supplies... 
We are the BEST STOCKED VAPE SHOP in the region...

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Welcome to Nomad Vapor...

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Live Free...

Now with two (2) locations serving the Fredericksburg, VA vaping community, Nomad Vapor Vape Shop is THE alternative to smoking.
At Nomad, we truly take pride and feel great satisfaction in providing smokers the means to a new life. We do this by keeping our Vape Supplies state of the art, for everyone from the beginner to the veteran vaper. 

Our variety of Vaping Products is unmatched, from devices and accessories to tanks and RDA's.  Top brands like Voopoo, SMOK, Geekvape, Aspire, Uwell, and many more.  

Nomad Vapor carries an enormous selection of CBD products as well. From vapables, to tinctures, topicals, edibles, and much more. If you are looking for healthier alternatives, Nomad Vapor has got you covered.

We carry many nationally ranked Premium E-Liquid lines like "Juice Head", "High Voltage", "Propaganda", "Naked 100", just to name a few.  These E-Liquid lines are chosen based on quality of taste, ingredients, and good reputation of the maker,  and you are able to sample each and every one of our selection of 150+ flavors. You can get your E-Liquid with varying levels of nicotine, including no nicotine if you so choose.  

Our Staff is known for being friendly, and proud of helping folks change their lives for the better. And you won't leave Nomad with questions because our staff is experienced and knowledgeable about vaping, so you will walk out of the shop knowing your Vaping Supplies inside and out.

So step out of your comfort zone. We know it can be scary to make such a big life change, but it’s really a heck of a lot easier than you think it will be because vaping is truly THE easiest, most effective alternative to smoking, and there are millions of us to prove it…

Nomad Vapor 

THE alternative to smoking...

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“No one can go back and make a brand new start, my friend, but anyone can start from here and make a brand new end.” 
― D. Zadra